Workshops - The Blacksmithing Experience

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We are running beginner metalworking, blacksmith style forged jewellery and varied blacksmithing workshops throughout the year. All classes are limited to intimate group sizes to ensure safety and dedicated access to the professional blacksmith, from The Red Falcon, who will be your tutor throughout the workshop.

If you aren't sure which class is right for you, just fill out the enquiry form on our contact page and we'll come back to you. Otherwise, choose a class from the dropdown below. 

An Introduction to Blacksmithing

Time: 2.5 hrs / 4hrs

Cost: $250 / $350

Class size: 8

Location: 817 High St, Reservoir (The big yellow building)

What you'll need:

You will need to bring a water bottle, wear closed-toe shoes (the more durable the better) and ensure that any long hair is tied back. We will provide PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in the form of ear plugs, safety glasses, gloves and aprons. If you have any of your own equipment that you would prefer to use, you are more than welcome to.

You will take home anything that you make in the class along with the supplied long sleeve t-shirt.You are more than welcome to a complimentary drink in the bar at High & Wild at the completion of the class, a great way to unwind and chat. 

The class is suitable for ages 13+ (13-16 year olds will need to be accompanied by an adult). 

Our ‘Blacksmithing Experience’ class is a general beginners class that will serve as either great first step into hobbyist blacksmithing or equally as a great experience.

Each of the items being made in this class are specifically chosen because of the techniques required in their creation. 

What you'll learn:

In the class students will:

- Be shown how to light and manage a gas forge
- Learn a brief basic history of blacksmithing
- Learn some basic principles of design, specific to forged work
- Be given a full safety brief on all the tools that will be used during the class
- Be shown the proper way to use a hammer to forge
- Be shown basic blacksmithing techniques (Drawing out, tapering, twisting, upsetting, punching, drifting etc)

- Apply a traditional blacksmith burnished wax finish to all items

Our classes are all designed for every person to work at their own pace. This does mean some people will finish items faster than others and some people will choose to spend more time refining details. We love to see it all!

Beginner items start with a forged 'S' hook and from there progress to bottle openers, 'leaf' style keyring pendants, lawn cup holders and/or potential just to experiment.

*We anticipate in the longer workshops, students will basically have a longer forging time. The number of items produced in each workshop will vary from student to student. The instructor will provide specific guidance depending on learning ability, confidence with tools and the learner's individual pace (with the potential to explore designs of their own). 

From the dropdown menu, simply choose the length of class you'd prefer, and the date or month you'd like to attend your workshop in. Initially, classes will be on Saturday afternoons (1-3:30pm / 4-5:30pm) or Saturdays (12-4pm). 

If you have any questions about the class or venue please email them to

Future classes:

The possibilities for class content are endless! Some of the future classes we would like to run are knife making, flower making (rose, tulips etc), welding and grinding basics, introduction to power hammers, etc. If any of these interest you please let us know so we can add you to our interested list and email you once we have organised a class.

If you have ideas that we haven't mentioned we'd love to hear them. If we have enough interest in something unique we can organise a class for it. If you have a group of 8 we can book in a specific class for the group on the day of your choosing.

We know that these classes can sometimes feel a little intimidating, so if you are interested in a women's only class please let us know so we can add you to our list for that too.

Team Building & Corporate

If you have a special group in mind and would like us to tailor a team-building or experience session that falls outside of our upcoming classes, please get in touch and we will create a day especially for you. 

Hens, Bucks & Birthdays

If you have an event in mind and you would like a particular packaging session including coffees beforehand, the making of particular items and drinks & nibbles packages for after the workshop, please get in touch with our Events Manager, Jess via and we will provide a tailored package to ensure you and your guests experience the most memorable Melbourne Blacksmithing experience.